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I love her and remember seeing an interview she did and she touched upon her work on Supernatural and she raved about Misha Collins and when asked about Jensen and Jared she kind of gave a half ass answer about how she already knew them from the convention circuit and then she changed the subject.

R2 most straight guys and even straight women don't really have a problem with lesbians, when are gay men gonna finally realize this?

So was Joanna Krupa a beard for Jensen?

Jensen ackles naked gay

The casual viewer will read this as evidence of upstanding heterosexual Dean Winchester having a moment of gay panic. Independent transexual escorts. Nathan Drake's Early Adventure.

I'd believe r86 Jared seems pretty douchey on social media and the rest confirms what I was already thinking. These guys are actually pretty smart. Jensen ackles naked gay. It's a known fact that Jensen is a Republican Christian and Jared is just fuckin' cray-cray, so for fuck's sake you and every other SPN freak They wouldn't still have a show if Jensen wasn't so self-effacing.

Jensen and Jared also went on vacation together last Thanksgiving with their kids and I'm just saying, no one said they saw their wives anywhere near them. I like "him and Jared. The god had a very large trunk.

It's because all our papers are mainly written from cross out and are scanned using far out purloining detection software program due to the fact that any breed of plagiarism. Their instance and histrionics never cease to amaze me. Almost all of them are very positive and that's among people, including plenty of guys, who don't even know there have ever been gay rumors about these two false or not. Full xxx sexy movie. I haven't a clue if any of them are gay or straight.

The only bit that is editorializing is the stuff about the Destieliers because they are the bane of the rest of the fandom. Plus, Jensen's eyes tracked every single good looking woman that was there. No one gives a fuck about them give it a rest fag. YFIP links to a post that contained another comment about non-consensual sex and asked why the audience was laughing at it. I want to support healthy debate and discussion about it. Jensen strikes me as a bit of a hypocrite because he used to date Playboy bunny Joanna Krupa.

Of course there is exceptions like the recent car focused ep, Baby, but very rare. It seems he's on the bed now, completely naked from head to toe.

I liked the episode. They do not sit down. All fields are required. Michael didn't like that they were focusing more on Jensen's character and trying to set him up with Jessica's on the show. Big tits and dildos. Christian Republican who has a gay aunt who has never lifted a finger in support. I'd love to see what the idiots who believe this crap, that Jensen and Jared are somehow involved romantically, actually look like. Because their husbands, who work together all week, spend a dozen convention weekends a year together and moved both their families to Austin within blocks of each so they could spend even more time together, are on a ski trip to Whistler Because isn't that what normal buddies do all the time - work together, take little side trips together, spend most weekends and holidays together they went to Turks and Caicos over Thanksgiving break, with their kids, the wives may have been there but no one actually seemed to have seen them, they also spent Father's Day together, with their kids adorable picture of the five of them in the pool together, they took their kids out trick or treating together, their kids go to the same pre-school and they pick each other's kids up on a fairly regular basis -Jared also let slip that he only spends a couple nights a month at his Vancouver apartment--except he and Jensen work in Vancouver, so

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Your post was spot on, R I think he may be.

Once you save your settings the first time you will receive a confirmation email. The guys who played the couple int he episode a couple weeks ago praised him. Bao thi nude. Nearly all his co-stars say that, including Americans and British. Jensen ackles naked gay. You haven't heard of self-hating gays who say homophobic shit? Choose note by submitting this form you acknowledge that you have read the Terms of Serve and the elucidation you are posting is in compliance with such terms.

Two people still wasn't enough for him, so he had Jensen get married too. International users, visit here. So she couldn't say much about him.

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Important link for Jensen Ackles. I don't get why 'straight' people care what I'm doing; I don't think they do. A demonic right wing beard? Jensen and Jared are together when filming or at conventions, when its not, its family time. Hardcore fat lesbian porn. Seen skinnydipping, according to the Spatz live album.

She looks up from lacing her new pair of pink New Balance running shoes. They are among the most un-Christ-like people ever, and mores the shame because they choose evil, greedy politics over what Christ actually taught. R24 Jensen didn't "freak out" at any suggestion his character might be bi - he got sick and tired of the obsessed and incredibly rude "Destiel" fans who Misha Collins kept whipping up into a frenzy because it was the only way for him to remain relevant.

I guess having a gay couple on the show for one episode and having them live is a huge step for this show. Although in the insane mind of a Supernatural fanfrau, I'm sure that's only more proof that they are lovers.

The Jensen Loonies were wailing and rending their garments over that one! There was nothing with their wives. The casual viewer will read this as evidence of upstanding heterosexual Dean Winchester having a moment of gay panic. Will we ever be rid of this show? So while Jensen and Jared were at the convention, for some reason all three kids went to visit Jensen's parents in Dallas. They both complain that Dean having the trench coat in the trunk was not sufficiently justified in the script, and they both think some of the lines were out-of-character for Dean.

Whoever he is R58, he has great teeth!

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